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Our Institute

The Church Planting Institute (CPI) is a movement carried along by local leaders who are guiding, encouraging and resourcing a simple vision to plant... 3-5 new churches in eastern Canada each year.

Most importantly, we not only believe that it is God’s vision see the gospel change lives, neighbourhoods, towns and cities across Canada but that He is already moving ahead of us.

We see the Holy Spirit stirring an unquenchable passion for the lost among leaders, raising up gifted and planting-experienced trainers and coaches and opening up the heart of the church to imagine and hope and to be truly courageous again.  

The Church Planting Institute… 

  • Is a culture shaper through missional story-telling across Canada; 

  • Bridges planters to all partners like Classis and planting churches;

  • Is a growing repository of hard learned lessons from new and existing plants,

  • Is a source for ongoing planter development through internships, mentorship and coaching

  • Networks critical resource support including grants and tent-making opportunities.


We believe the fundamental call of this generation is to significantly invest in reaching more and more Canadians with Good News of Jesus Christ, to enfold them in vibrant communities and call them into the mission of God. We have barely begun. Will you join us?

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