"A vigorous and continuous approach to church planting is the only way to guarantee an increase in the number of believers, and is one of the best ways to renew the whole body of Christ."

~ Timothy Keller


Why plant new churches?

"We already have plenty of churches that have lots and lots of room for all the new people who have come to the area. Let's get them filled before we start new ones."

Common challenges from people to planting new churches ...

"Every church in this community used to be more full than it is now. A new church will just take people from churches already hurting and will weaken everyone."

"Help the churches that are struggling first. A new church doesn't help the existing ones that are just keeping their noses above water. We need better churches not more churches."


Reasons to plant

  1. Most localities are seriously under-churched.

  2. Existing churches have life cycles and eventually die.

  3. New churches reach lost and unchurched people.

  4. They can target unreached people and populations.

  5. They are unshackled by tradition.

  6. They revitalize existing churches getting them excited about kingdom work.

  7. Research shows that planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology.

  8. Planting churches is the biblical pattern for spreading the Gospel.

  9. All the lost individuals who need Jesus.

  10. Jesus likes and wants us to plant new churches!

“If you make disciples, you always get the church. But if you make a church, you rarely get disciples.” ~ Mike Breen

How can CPI

help your church plant a church?

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