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It seems that something is stirring in you when talk about people coming to faith or stories about new churches come up. Something is making you ask the question,


“Is God calling me to plant a new church?” 


Experience tells us that many current planters initially hesitated to respond to God’s call to plant for at least two reasons; first, they didn’t feel they fit some ill-defined ideal of what a planter is supposed to be like or second, the church or community they felt stirred to start was too different from the norm. The stories that follow just might change your mind. 

Planter Stories

David Baker
Exeter, ON

David Baker is a church planter at Vital Point Church Exeter in Exeter Ontario. David's story is a meandering journey of self reflection and revelation from God.


David shares his story of calling to be a church planter and how God got hold of him.

Martin Spoelstra
Bowmanville, ON

Martin Spoelstra is the church planting pastor of Discovery Church in Bowmanville, ON.


God's call on his life moved him from youth ministry to starting a new church ministry with his wife A.J.

More Stories

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Beth and Barry's story is varied with multiple church plants under their belts. But the way there was not always easy.


They planted Destination church in St. Thomas, ON that is a vibrant growing ministry across all sectors of the community.

Beth Fellenger
St. Thomas, ON


I think I could be a church planter. How do I go about the discernment process?

First Things:

  1. Pray that God would guide you in the processes of discernment.

  2. Know your competencies.  What is your current leadership and shepherding track record?

  3. Local church leadership affirmation.  Does your pastor, elders, other church leaders and local denominational leaders support that this could be a calling for you?

  4. Do your passions move you in this direction?

  5. Are others other than leaders seeing your potential as a planter?



Self Assessment

  1. Contact us.

  2. Get an assessment. We'll help with the process to help you determine your competencies, giftings and passion. It's a win-win situation because not only will you be affirmed in those areas but you will also get a better sense of direction.  Maybe it is church planting or perhaps it's an encouragement to pursue other avenues for ministry. It's all for the kingdom.

  3. You'll receive the guidance toward next steps in your journey.


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