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How it Works








We believe the first step towards planting a church is discerning your call. We at the CPI will work with you to decipher the clarity of your calling and help you discover the gifts and talents necessary to plant a church. 

If you decide church planting is for you then the CPI wants to set you up with the tools for success. Our experienced team will provide you with access to some of the most relevant materials, resources, coaching and mentoring opportunities as you embark on this exciting voyage. 

The CPI also wants to help existing churches plant churches. We want to help churches grow towards fostering an attitude of strategic multiplication. If invited, the CPI would offer churches support to create a plan toward multiplication and help draft a Biblically based communication strategy that encourages and motivates the people to engage with the mission.

The CPI believes that entrepreneurial partnerships can benefit emerging churches in an incredible way. It is these partnerships that can add so much value and traction toward the inception of a new church. We can offer incite, resource and innovative ideas to unite a community and its church together in a common goal. 

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