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Forest City North

Ron Baker

Forest City North

Service Times: 10am

Location:  2727 Tokala Trail, London, Ontario

In the fall of 2014, two faith communities merged to form a new expression of faith that would eventually be called Forest City North Church.  Over the past four years this new community of faith has grown and is now impacting hundreds of families and individuals.  If you were to attend a Sunday morning service you would realize pretty quickly that this is not your standard church; starting with the service format through to the make-up of the people who attend.  It’s very common to hear about a new person arriving on the arm of someone who is part of FCNC.


One of the familiar phrases we hear from new un-churched people is that it feels like home.  Our passion at FCNC is to be a place where un-churched people want to be.  We are convinced that if we create a safe space for people to explore and grow in faith, it’s a win, not only for the person but also for Jesus Church.


Lead Pastor Ron Baker has a deep passion to connect people to the mission Jesus gave the church.  In the fall of 2019 FCNC will be opening a second site in a small town 30 minutes North of London.


“We have a vision to expand into other small towns North of London.  I figure why not see what God can do to reach more people through a church like FCNC.” Lead Pastor Ron Baker 

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